One February Afternoon

This morning started out a bit difficult – several cries in the night kept me awake for a while – and consequently, D and I were both a bit on edge. Saying that, all improved after we had a bite so maybe we were just a bit hangry? After some great play outdoors, trying to ‘wake’ the ‘asleep’ snowman by kicking and stomping on it, hiding-and-seeking and cooking up some delicious leek and potato soup, he miraculously went down for a nap. I’m convinced it had nothing to do with the previous two days of no naps but was just my well-honed parenting skills that made that happen…! Continue reading “One February Afternoon”

The Simple Things in Life

My husband started a new job in the new year which has meant longer hours and less time with family. We were spoiled in the past as we had an amazing work-life balance: home by 5, cook dinner, play with our boy Dragon, relax or go to the gym/for a bike-ride. For some much-needed together-time, we headed to our local park on Saturday to take in some fresh air and recuperate from what has been a week of adjustment. Continue reading “The Simple Things in Life”