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Motherhood has changed my life in so many unexpected ways. Seriously, I never thought I could function – and by function I mean doing the absolute basics of human existence! – on so little sleep and still pretend to be a horse galloping through the living room with a toddler shouting “More! Again!” on her back! It has been a tremendous joy and my life is enriched beyond any comprehension I could muster in my early twenties. But as any parent, the moments are occasionally overshadowed by bouts of teething, sickness, growth spurts etc that leave us drained and sleep deprived – something I had ever thought possible before the arrival of our precious bundle. There’s a great Michael McIntyre skit on this from a Christmas special around 2011. Take a look for a few giggles.

Whilst the image of the perfect homemaker occasionally dances through my head filling me with awe and inspiration, I can’t help but reason that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed by this role into which parenthood seems to have evolved. A New York Post article articulated very well the challenges of modern parenthood which you may enjoy reading. I know that I, as a stay-at-home mum, have been guilty of far too many points highlighted in this article…

What I’m saying is, parenthood is bloody hard. And it’s made harder with growing external pressures to be extraordinary parents, partners, providers, and citizens of the world. I’ve read countless articles, tried too many methods, and every day things get a little easier. And better. With my very active boy, with household chores, with being a wife, daughter, sister and friend.

So now it’s brought me here. It’s not just about being a parent. It’s about being you and all the different hats you have to wear. It’s most definitely about still feeding your soul in all its different guises and knowing how to do it. Because when you understand that, the rest will fall into place.

This is the place where finding out what’s good for your soul, understanding what makes you tick takes centre stage. For me, I’m still discovering new things every day but my family, design, visual stimulation be it Pinterest, magazines or Netflix, clothes, travel, and me-time are high up on the list.

So let’s see what life has in store, shall we?

Anna x
What’s life without a little zing?

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