One February Afternoon

This morning started out a bit difficult – several cries in the night kept me awake for a while – and consequently, D and I were both a bit on edge. Saying that, all improved after we had a bite so maybe we were just a bit hangry? After some great play outdoors, trying to ‘wake’ the ‘asleep’ snowman by kicking and stomping on it, hiding-and-seeking and cooking up some delicious leek and potato soup, he miraculously went down for a nap. I’m convinced it had nothing to do with the previous two days of no naps but was just my well-honed parenting skills that made that happen…! Continue reading “One February Afternoon”

An (Interim) Review of Agile Family Living

Just when you think you’re back in a rhythm of 8h night-time sleep, Dragon has a way of putting your life back on its head. Due to reasons unknown to my husband and I, we’ve been getting 5am wake-up calls this week – full-on screaming and gone are the days of playful roaring. So how do we cope with the ever-changing landscape of parenthood?

Continue reading “An (Interim) Review of Agile Family Living”

The Simple Things in Life

My husband started a new job in the new year which has meant longer hours and less time with family. We were spoiled in the past as we had an amazing work-life balance: home by 5, cook dinner, play with our boy Dragon, relax or go to the gym/for a bike-ride. For some much-needed together-time, we headed to our local park on Saturday to take in some fresh air and recuperate from what has been a week of adjustment. Continue reading “The Simple Things in Life”

Resolutions of 2015

I’ve never been one to set resolutions in the New Year. They’re usually just faint ideas in the back of my mind without any commitments. It’s probably a self preservation sort of thing so I don’t have to feel whatever you’re meant to feel when you fall short. The gym attendance sizzled out, diets haven’t lasted (although I am more aware so not all lost!), and procrastination is still a bad best friend… Continue reading “Resolutions of 2015”