Unwind in London: Liberty’s Café

Afternoon Tea for One at Liberty | ZingMama

I recently had the pleasure of treating myself to a day in one of London’s oldest and arguably, most beautiful department stores: Liberty. Its Tudor architecture stands out in Central London, a true gem amongst the grey buildings and grey clouds backdrop. Step inside via the Wild at Heart flower shop on Great Marlborough Street to a bustling welcome. Liberty is more like a large, independent boutique than the typical department store you find elsewhere. It has class, personality, and an understated elegance.  Continue reading “Unwind in London: Liberty’s Café”

Discussion: UK Education

Hard Evidence: at what age are children ready for school?

By David Whitebread, University of Cambridge

When are children “ready” for school? There is much debate about when the transition between play-based pre-school and the start of “formal” schooling should begin. The trend in the UK primary school curriculum over recent decades has been towards an earlier start to formal instruction, and an erosion of learning through play. Continue reading “Discussion: UK Education”

A Place to Call our Own: Location, Location, Location Tool

Stay focused in your property search. Moving house is expensive, whether you’re renting or buying. So make sure you get it right with this tool in my most recent series A Place to Call Our Own. Establish a robust location ranking around your needs and move into your new home with confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

Continue reading “A Place to Call our Own: Location, Location, Location Tool”

Unwind in London: Nails Inc.

Sadly, a close friend of mine is moving back to Turkey. Her daughter is 4 months Dragon’s junior and they’re totally in love. Who knew that at age 2, they’d be entering into a long-distance romance? It is sad news all around but we wish them well and know it’s for the best – they’ll be near family and old friends, not to mention the sea, beach and sun!!! (No, I’m not jealous AT ALL!) Continue reading “Unwind in London: Nails Inc.”