Just wanted to say…
Happy New Year!

Frohes Neues Jahr!

Hope you saw in 2016 with a bang and boom. Mine was pleasantly uneventful… Half a glass of prosecco, some strange acts on Jools Holland, and thrilled like a piece of cucumber about being back in Scotland after wonderful ten days in Germany with family. I was very happy to see the end of the past three years – according to my horoscope, quite ‘bad’ three years, whatever that means. It’s in my Japanese blood to be superstitious – from horoscopes to blood types and palms, whether I want to or not, it’s always in the back of my head. Sure, some amazing things happened but I can’t deny that since January 2013, shortly after our move to Richmond, things started going awry. House sale falling through because a fox died by the air brick and consequently having about a thousand flies in the property to greet prospective buyer. (Thankfully my understanding sister consequently sent us the video to the ‘fox song’ which had only just been released at the time, to help me see the funny side of it…!) Car engine blowing up for the second time after having fitted a new one and was theoretically supposed to be OK for another 100,000 miles…! Just shit out of our control where I’m glad that the likelihood of it happening again are slimmer because my horoscope says so. And I want to believe it. Badly. 

So to everyone who’s looking forward to a fresh start, making changes, being positive, I raise a glass! PROST! CHEERS! カンパイ!

Here’s to 2016!

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