Reflection: Food Attitude

I have said before how I was raised a vegetarian but I’d never really taken much interest in food as a child, or even as an adult. I never educated myself about it and my version of vegetarianism was meat substitutes, potatoes, bread and anything that went well with pasta, usually pesto. Occasionally I’d spend some time in the kitchen making a salad or cake but mostly, it was a quick in and out job. 

I remember one time at university, I was sitting outside with friends during a break, indulging in a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. My Spanish friend retorted, “I don’t understand you! You are vegetarian! Why are you eating that rubbish food? You’re supposed to be healthy!” I explained that vegetarianism doesn’t have to be all green veg and diet. People become vegetarian for various reasons and in my childhood home, it was the principle of animal welfare that drove this decision and definitely not the health aspects that so many believe is the sole driver. Certainly, I thought, my slightly podgy figure would have given him a clue?!

My present philosophy has developed over time. It wasn’t an overnight realisation or finding out that I had an acute illness that could be managed with a healthy diet. Nothing of the sort. definitely a slow process and reading other bloggers, they have also said about how

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