Days Out: Studland Beach

For me, Studland Beach in Dorset is right up on top of the list of serene beaches. Granted, I haven’t seen them all but this is a true beauty. Part of the National Trust, we like to take advantage of it every chance we get. Unfortunately, it had been a while since my last walk here; my last visit here was with a friend when Dragon was still in the womb – too long!

The ferry connects from Sandbanks across the Poole Bay channel to save you a long drive around “the second largest natural bay in the world,” according to my husband. He insists it’s true… After San Francisco Bay. I haven’t looked it up, oddly, although I’m usually first to whip out my phone to check supposed facts.

The ferry fee is around £3.50 per trip and payable upon entering / departing National Trust land. There is ample parking – this time of year anyway (February) – and practically beach-side, so you can take as much or as little paraphernalia as required. The beach is sandy, the pale grey-beige kind, with seaweed of beautiful colour washed up on shore. It’s too cold to dip our feet in the water, but chasing waves and stone-throwing are a popular pastime at any time of the year. We take full advantage, until Dragon’s ambition grows to throwing stones half his size, and that’s our cue to get moving. We jump over streams, play a bit of hide-and-seek, and finish off with a few jumps in the lonely puddles. After a quick outfit change and drink replenishment at the well-situated cafe, we head back across the channel, leaving behind a gem of unspoiled, English coastline.

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